Colombia Inga Aponte Red Honey
12 oz.


Special processing, high elevation and volcanic soil combine to make this holding exceptional. But what is more notable is the story of the Inga Community, the purveyors of this fine coffee. Descendants of Incas, this community was shielded from outside contact until the late 1900s. Unfortunately by the ‘90s criminal enterprise took advantage of the fertile soil, which was used to produce heroin. However, the past decade has seen reform, and the Ingas have turned to a new crop; coffee!
Red honey processing and high elevation caught our eye, and we’re proud to offer this limited release coffee.

We Taste: ripe banana, macadamia, cream soda

Aroma: oatmeal, plantains, dried strawberry

Brewing Suggetion: Kalita Wave pour over, espresso, French press. Anything goes!



Region: Narino

Varietal: Yellow Caturra

Process: Red Honey

Elevation: 7000 ft, 2100 m

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Weight 12 oz