Costa Rica Diego Hidalgo ‘White
Honey’ Microlot | 12 oz.


Honey processed coffees are pupled and then allowed to dry with a set amount of sticky mucilage (honey) intact. This microlot holding from the La Bandera de Dota farm in the village of Calle Copey is cultivated and processed by Diego Hidalgo Umaña. Using disciplined technique, this 'white honey' coffee leaves only 10% of mucilage intact when drying. The resulting coffee is prized for its body, sweetness and balanced acidity, without tossing out any of its complexities.

Dan and I feel that the quality and outstanding flavor of this coffee speaks for itself, and we can't wait to serve up a cup for you!

We Taste: Honey, Dried Fruit, Graham Cracker

Aroma: Jellied Toast, Orange Peel/Zest

Brewing suggestion: “Watch out for two things when brewing this coffee. If brewed too strong, many of the sweet and bright notes will overshadow its subtle floral tones, so keep this one lighter (around 17 parts water to 1 part coffee). Also, be sure to allow this coffee to cool a bit, as complexities will emerge from the cup when it has settled for a few minutes.”



Region: Calle Copey, Tarrazu

Varietal: Red Catuai

Process: White Honey (10% honey)

Elevation: 5900 ft

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Weight 12 oz