Ethiopia Harar Longberry Gr. 1
12 oz.


Coffee production in Harar is estimated to be down as much as 40% in the past year, due primarily to drought. Farmers in these regions are quickly turning to Khat production, a popular narcotic that grows well in arid conditions. If the international market cannot increase demand and appreciation for Harar coffees, coffees known for their genetic diversity and one-of-a-kind flavor profiles, coffee farmers will be forced to abandon the crop altogether.

Dan and I chose this coffee for its traditional processing method, which accentuates the dark fruit and cacao notes held in these heirloom lots.

We Taste: Rhubarb, Bing Cherry, Fresh Strawberry

Aroma: Blueberry, Passionfruit

Brewing suggestion: “Natural Ethiopians are the gateway drug of the coffee world, their bright and berry-filled flavors and complexities are eye-opening for folks who've never experienced coffees outside of the citrus/caramel/cocoa undertones typically found in South and Central American coffees. I really love this coffee brewed via Aeropress, a great mid-day coffee.”

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Region: Dire Dawa, East Harar

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Natural, Raised Beds

Elevation: 7100 ft

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Weight 12 oz