Sumatra Ketiara Co-Op
12 oz.


The Ketiara Cooperative was established in 2009 by 38 people and joined the Fair Trade movement in 2011. Today, Ketiara has nearly 900 members and is led primarily by women, who occupy the positions of Chairwoman, General Manager and Finance Manager. The cooperative produces 100% shade grown Arabica Coffee.

Dan and I sourced this coffee in collaboration with the Bethlehem Food Co-op. 10% of dry coffee sales of this single origin holding will be given to support the growth of our local food co-op and boost our local food economy.

We Taste: Red Fruit, Juniper Berry, Umami

Aroma: Molasses, Dark Chocolate

Brewing suggestion: Whiskey fan? Try dumping 6 oz of beans into your favorite liquor and let sit for 48 hours and taste the difference. Just a suggestion!



Region: Aceh

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Wet Hulled

Elevation: 4500 ft

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Weight 12 oz