Tanzania Nitin Estate Peaberry
12 oz.


Notably comfortable tasting, with mild acidity and smoothness, this microlot coffee offering consists of peaberry coffee seeds. A peaberry is the result of a single fertilized coffee fruit, rather than the typical two ‘beans’ per fruit configuration. It’s not well understood why, but peaberry coffee from any lot tends to have a distinct flavor difference from its non-peaberry counterparts, often a different expression of the same sensory themes. For example, the non-peaberry counterpart to this coffee is said to have a lime-like acidity, while this peaberry holding is far more cream-forward.
This coffee sparked interest from myself and Dan because it utilizes SL-27 and Kent cultivars, two unique African beans that typically have a supple body and unique fruitiness. We feel that the peaberry distinction provides for an excellent, smooth cup.

We Taste: almond butter, caramel, raisin

Aroma: caramel, toasted almond

Brewing Suggetion: Ice Ice Baby

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Region: Ngorongoro, Arusha

Varietal: Kent, SL-27

Process: Washed

Elevation: 5500 ft / 1700 m

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Weight 12 oz